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Featuring state of the art technology using FDA approved therapy designed and patented for the METM Group. The Electro Slim protocol is your body's best friend! With results including improved metabolism and well toned beach bodies. What are you waiting for?!

Body Maintenance

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Stay forever young. Our bodies age due to poor blood circulation as well as lack of physical exercise, muscle conditioning, and detoxifying. Our special Protocol Therapy will see to all that and more!

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Electro Sculpting

Athletes become more competitive by strengthening muscles, removing lactic acid, and increasing energy levels. Toning and smoothing muscles using our unique muscle workout therapy.

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Weight Loss

Imagine losing 100 lbs and dropping from a 48 inch to a 32 inch waist. Our phenomenal protocol plan transformed a depressed young man with low self esteem to a healthy, happy, and confident individual.



Initial consultation.


Introductory Package

4 one hour treatment sessions.


Single Treatment

One hour treatment session.


Add-On Treatments

6 x $200

12 x $360

Note: All services require the purchase of personal use electrodes. $20

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